One on One

One on One Coaching is those who prefer the VIP experience of a personal recovery plan and the freedom to move through self-discovery and empowerment at a pace tailor-made for them.

One on One Coaching includes a weekly 1 hour call, personalized intuitive exploration questions, journal prompts, and exercises to help you move through the issues that come up during our call, as well as daily access to Teri on the Voxer app to ask questions, share experiences, or get additional support for resistance that may come up as you work through old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve you.


3-Month Recovery Package | $1860

May be paid in 3 monthly installments of $620

This is the ideal package for those who are working through deconstructing deep religious indoctrination, recovering identity after leaving a high-demand religion, or working through difficult family relationships that involve religious codependency.

6-Week Recovery Package | $990

May be paid in 2 installments of $495, one at the beginning and one the last week

This is the ideal package for those who are working in tandem with a therapist or who have worked with a therapist through some of the identity, self-trust, and relationship issues created by a religious transition but are now looking for more in-depth support specifically regarding religious trauma or indoctrination.

Support Package | $175 / hour

This is ideal for those who have done the bulk of their healing already but find themselves needing support around a specific issue, belief, or memory. Clients either use this package when one to three sessions will provide them with the needed tools to move through the issue, or as a monthly or quarterly support for their continued progress.

Book an Exploration Call

If One on One Coaching sounds like the best fit for your needs, please book a free exploration call where we can map out a plan for your goals and go over what coaching with me will look like throughout our time together to help you reach those goals.